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Rated 4.82 stars by 1,241 pet parents

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“Easy to order, and the artist worked with me to be sure they had
the best possible picture.”

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Rated 4.82 stars by 1,241 pet parents

browse through 8 Cover designs

And make optional customizations

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browse through 8 Cover designs

And make optional customizations

Check out our different designs. These are our most popular selections, however when placing your order you will have the opportunity to change any element of your design. Want a different background color, or perhaps some custom titles? Just let us know when completing the order form below.

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Rated 4.82 stars by 1,241 pet parents

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Imagine placing an order online and having the peace of mind that your parcel was guaranteed to arrive safe. Well we want to promise exactly that. If your order arrives damaged for any reason, we'll make sure to send you out a replacement. If your order is lost in transit, we'll cover that too!

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Our artists will remove the background from you photo to ensure the end result looks like the examples above. Orders for cats and other animals will also be altered to ensure the text relates to your animal.

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Rated 4.82 stars by 1,241 pet parents

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Typically we will have your pet’s design created within 24 hours. Shortly after the design is created, it gets sent to print. The Print Team processes orders Mon-Friday, and typically our shipping partners will collect orders for shipment either the same day, or the following morning. After that shipping on average is 5–7 business days, and yes, we guarantee the safe arrival of your print!

We now have facilities in the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK and New Zealand. We only offer shipping within these countries at the moment.

Firstly your pet’s image is put through our inhouse software to enhance the quality of the photograph. Now our artists can get to work manually enhancing your pets features, bringing out their eyes, maybe drawing attention to the wetness of their nose, the texture of their fur and often placing shadows to create depth. Once complete we use the best machines in the business on the best materials available to deliver you a one of a kind masterpiece!

Don’t worry, use your best judgement, and if we don’t think the image will result in a great final product, we’ll email you right away, so keep an eye out. The best advice we can give is to choose an image where the lighting is good and the picture has been taken nice and close up, these images generally hold the most amount of detail.

We don’t discriminate, in fact every day we design artwork for a whole bunch of different animals, and we have different artists that specialize in different categories. We mainly display dogs, as they happen to be the most popular among our customers, but all of our designs can be amended to accommodate for different animals. For example, if you order Dogmopolitian with a picture of your cat it will be changed to Catmopolitian by our artists.

Yes, all pictures will have the background removed to ensure a professional magazine feel!

The designs are handmade by our designers and take a considerable amount of time to create. For this reason we don’t offer proofs before purchase. Customers who purchase the digital file will see a proof before the artwork is printed. However all other orders are send to print as soon as possible in order to ensure faster deliver times.

If you have two pets in the one image we will be able to work with this. Just place your order as normal and include both pets names.

We’re super quick at getting back to you, just drop us a line at support@new.posingpig.com and we’ll be with you shortly!